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Business Cases


Sample Business Cases

Assistance in drafting and negotiations of a cooperation agreement

I represented a client in the drafting and the negotiations of a cooperation agreement with a local partner in relation to a public tender project under European law in Finland.

Drafting of an international distribution contract

I assisted a client with the drafting of a distribution agreement for a distributor of its products on the Polish market.

Acquisition of a Dutch company

I have been involved in all legal aspects in relation to the acquisition of a Dutch company by a Belgian corporation active in the food sector.

Corporate secretary

I have been acting as corporate secretary in several functions throughout my career both for small medium sized companies as for a stock marketed company.

Collective dismissal procedure

My task was to ensure the compliance with the collective dismissal procedure (Renault legislation) and to advise the client throughout the entire procedure.

Agency contract for a commercial agent in the UK

I assisted my client in drafting an agency contract for a commercial agent in the UK.

Legal interim management

I was temporarily hired as legal interim manager to replace a person who resigned in the legal department of a company till the hiring of a new person for a period of 4 months in a company active in the automotive sector.

Take over of a Swiss company

I have been involved in all legal aspects in relation to the take over of a Swiss corporation by by a Belgian company active in the industry sector.

European trade mark infringement

I assisted a Belgian client to negotiate and conclude a settlement as a resulting of a trade mark infringement committed by a Hungarian competitor.

Advice under Belgian procurement law

My client asked me to give advice about its chances to claim a compensation before the Belgian administrative courts following an unsuccessful qualification to a tender procedure.

Training in international contract law

I developed a specific training in relation to contract law in order to teach the staff and personnel to understand the basics of (international) agreements focusing on practical business examples and different exercises.

Training in public procurement law

I developed a specific training on basics and the fundamentals of the Belgian procurement legislation to create legal awareness with the staff and personnel.

R&D development agreement between members of a consortium

I represented a client, member of a consortium financed by EU funds, to draft a R&D development agreement for the development of a new technology developed by the different partners of the consortium with shared IPR rights and cross licensing.

Joint venture agreement between Belgian and Indian company

I advised a Belgian client by drafting a joint venture agreement with an Indian company for the manufacturing, distribution and sales of technology for the automotive sector.

Optimisation of insurances

I assisted a client centralising its portfolio of insurances for its subsidiaries in different countries by putting in place global master policies in view of optimizing the risks and reducing substantially the costs.

General sales and purchase conditions

I have drafted general sales and purchase conditions for clients active in different sectors both in a B2B as in a B2C environment.

Escrow agreement

I helped a client to draft an escrow agreement in order to protect the code source of its intellectual property.

Software license agreement for a new technology

My mission was to draft a software license agreement for a new technology developed by my client.

EPC contract for the construction of a biochemical plant

I was asked by a client to review an EPC contract (under FIDIC rules) of the construction of a biochemical plant.

Wrongful termination of outsourcing contract

I gave advice to my client in relation to a claim for compensation as a result of a wrongful termination of an outsourcing contract as freelancer.

Simple question or urgent matter

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