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Dominique Fostier

I am an experienced and highly motivated legal professional focusing on pragmatic and business oriented solutions for my clients.

Since 2018, I work as an independent legal counsel offering my services to various companies. 

My previous experience includes practicing as attorney at the Brussels Bar (1995-2000) to serving as in-house counsel and eventually General Counsel (2000-2018).

As an attorney and general practitioner, I developed a broad experience in several areas of Belgian law (going from bankruptcy law over labor law to commercial law).

As in-house counsel, I worked for various multinationals active in different industries. This led me to hold various functions in the legal department. I started as solo in-house counsel (Resilux). I then became Lead Lawyer (Siemens) and moved up to General Counsel (Holcim) leading a team of 4 persons.

In addition to my legal skills, I am fluent in 3 languages (Dutch, French, English) and have a good working knowledge of German and Spanish. As a result, I am able to review and comment agreements in 5 different languages.

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Since 2018

Independent legal counsel and legal interim manager

I perform temporary assignments on a free lance basis as “legal interim manager” (for a definite period, replacement or particular project). I also provide advice and ad-hoc support to multinationals, SMEs and startups. For more information about my services, I refer to my areas of expertise and sample business cases.


In-house counsel

I worked for a number of companies operating in different sectors and active in various industries in Belgium and abroad. I held several positions within the legal department from solo legal counsel over Lead lawyer to head of Legal (General Counsel) managing a team of 4 people. I got involved in highly complex matters of legal and compliance nature in Belgium as well as abroad (including Switzerland, Russia, Hungary, Spain, Netherlands, ...)

Attorney at the Brussels bar

I joined the Brussels Bar as attorney and practiced over 5 years as qualified attorney in several areas of law ranging from bankruptcy law over labor law to commercial law. I took on over more than 100 pro bono cases in order to broaden my experience.
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Years of experience
Since 2000

In-house legal counsel and interim legal manager

After 5 years as an attorney, I decided to take on a position as in house counsel in 2000. My move was motivated by my ambition to work at an international level and to expand my experience beyond the area of Belgian law.

I got headhunted for my first job in the private sector as tax, VAT and statutory manager at a European coordination centre based in Aartselaar for a big international group : APV, part of Invensys group. My main responsibilities included the performance of legal and tax audits of different sites situated in the European Union and the management of a small team of VAT specialists. This experience allowed me to acquire a good understanding of tax and VAT related topics and a basic knowledge of foreign law systems.

After 2 years and a half, I got hired in 2002 as solo in-house counsel for a stock market Belgian multinational company producing PET bottles in Wetteren: Resilux. My main tasks included the set up of the legal department, the management of insurance and risks and the supervision of all legal and statutory matters worldwide in the countries the company is active (Greece, Hungary, USA, Switzerland, Russia and Spain).

Due my employment as legal counsel I got the opportunity to spend almost 2 years in Moscow (Russian Federation) where I also took the role of general manager of the local administrative office based in Moscow managing a team of 7 people.

Thanks to this experience, I gained a very good understanding of the very complex and challenging Russian legal and business environment and I was able to develop my management skills.

Afterwards, I decided to start up my own consulting company, Legal Business Solutions, and worked as a legal interim manager on an independent basis for different companies active in various sectors.

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As a legal interim manager, I got hired by multinationals active in various industries (Toyota Motor Europe, leading company in the automotive sector & Alcatel, leading company in the telecommunications sector). In 2006, I started working at first hand as legal interim manager and eventually as an employee with Siemens Benelux. I occupied the position as Lead Lawyer (senior counsel) for the most important sector of activity of the company: the Industry branch comprising different business units including the development of new technology, sales of equipment for the automotive industry, the construction of manufacturing plants, the participation to complex tender projects in Belgium and abroad, etc…

During my more than 7 year work experience at Siemens,  I spent a considerable part of my time by travelling internationally in order to negotiate complex EPC and tender agreements on different continents (Europe, Africa, Middle East). In addition, I developed an in-house contract training and a public procurement program for the operational and engineering staff.

After a short experience as Head of the legal department and compliance officer for Belgium and the Netherlands (General Counsel) at Holcim, leading multinational in the cement and concrete industry and a couple of years as secretary general for a family owned holding company, Finasucre, active in the food industry, I decided in the second half of 2018 to work as a fully independent legal counsel. 

Since then, I provide pragmatic legal advice and let benefit my clients from my broad expertise as legal expert developed during over 25 years both in Belgium and abroad. 


Attorney at the Brussels Bar

Having studied law in Belgium (Courtrai and Louvain) and France (University of Le Havre and University of Tours), I started my legal career as trainee attorney at the Brussels Bar in 1995.

I started at a french speaking law firm (Thielemans et associés). Being the only (Dutch speaking) trainee in a law firm with two partners, I got involved in a panel of large and different cases including :

  • bankruptcy law proceedings;
  • commercial law contracts;
  • criminal law procedure; 
  • etc.

In addition, I took on more than 100 pro bono cases. This rich experience enabled me to acquire a very good knowledge in various areas of Belgian law.

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Beyond the LAw

My passion for art

In 2016, I graduated as certified antique dealer (“antiquaire” “antiekhandelaar”) at the “Institut d’Arts et Metiers” based in Brussels (Belgium).

Art has been a passion since my childhood. My mother worked as an employee in a design store and transmitted me her love for art and design.

This led me to open Allegrarte, an online art gallery that sells (since February 2017) over more than 300 contemporary artworks produced by talented artists and cooperates with the biggest contemporary museum in Waloonia (Belgium) (MaCs) and a renowed publishing house (editions Bruno Robbe).

The aim of Allegrarte is to promote qualitative artworks by talented artists, selected by a professional panel of experts. The collection is accessible to a large public at reasonable prices.

Allegrarte offers also art rental solutions to companies that are looking to decorate their offices and to benefit from the 100% tax deductibility of the monthly rental fees. 

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Simple question or urgent matter

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